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BY MARIT SALL (This is an English summary of the article, written by ELEEP Alumna Marit Sall, and published by Cleantech ForEst.)

In March 2017, a group of ELEEP fellows traveled to California to learn about various climate change adaptation methods, as well as approaches for managing water scarcity. The group met a number of prominent leaders and experts, took part in planned and implemented initiatives, and discussed present and future concerns and possibilities.

This webinar explores the nexus between water and energy. 

Michael McCormick, Senior Planner at the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, and Joey Wall, Climate Policy Advisor at the California Natural Resources Agency, will present on the development of California’s climate adaptation policies, as well as critical issues concerning future climate impacts to the state.

Sunday, March 19, we met with Scott Sklar in Clarendon to tour off-grid buildings. Scott is not only the owner of the Stella Group and one of the leaders on sustainable energy in the DC metro region (and beyond), but also the president of the Sustainable Energy Coalition which Ecologic Institute has just very recently joined.

Our host, Scott Sklar is true energy transition champion: