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March 27, 2017

Episode 2 of the ELEEP Podcast Series was released on 27 March 2017 and features a discussion with 2016-2017 ELEEP Fellows, Andrea Illés and Julia Elkin, on the recent study tour on climate adaptation measures in the EU. An-dreas Graf moderates the discussion, which also highlights the Fellows’ professional background and current research.

Responses to climate change are a topic of much discussion and action at international, national and local levels. While mitigation in the form of emissions reduction and decarbonization efforts tends to steal the spotlight in many arenas, adapting to the effects of a changing climate has become increas-ingly important and relevant. In October 2016, a group of 12 ELEEP members visited London, Brus-sels and Rotterdam to learn about the challenges and approaches to climate change adaptation in Europe. Site visits and presentations in the three cities covered topics such as local, national, and EU-level adaptation strategies, green infrastructure at the city level as well as grey infrastructure such as storm surge barriers.

To see impressions from the EU study tour on climate adaptation, please see the "Further Links" section at the bottom of this page.

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