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Job Title: 
Photovoltaic Consultant

Cornelia Daniel is an Austrian solar entrepreneur and helps companies in the implementation of commercial solar thermal and photovoltaic systems. Cornelia Daniel studied International Business at Vienna University of Business administration and her master thesis about solar energy in Australia opened the doors into the world of renewable energy. Since 2008 she has been working in this field. As an employee of a photovoltaic investment firm she was able to gain early insights into major markets for photovoltaics. Annoyed by the people that are active in the field of large-scale PV systems, she decided to focus on commercial companies, which really need energy during the day. In 2011 she founded the company Dachgold (golden roof) which produces information products on the one hand and the other hand consulting services for commercial enterprises when they want to go solar. Since 2012, she increasingly deals with the issue of large solar thermal systems and solar district heating. As mentioned before, a large part of Cornelia Daniels work consists of publishing articles about energy policies and solar energy. One of her main missions is to achieve that everyone knows the difference between photovoltaics and solar thermals energy and therefore lifting the gigantic potential of these technologies.