The Emerging Leaders in Environmental and Energy Policy Network

The World Bank
Job Title: 
Team Leader, Energy Economist
Dr Georg Caspary has been with the World Bank for the past ten years in various energy-related functions, including an extended stay in Cairo covering Egypt, Morroco and Tunisia. Concurrent with this appointment, Mr Caspary has taught at various think tanks and universities, most recently as part-time faculty at Georgetown. 
Mr Caspary graduated as a National Merit Scholar in Economics and Philosophy from Oxford, and did his graduate work at the LSE, Sciences-Po and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology / MIT (where he initiated a new model on teaching TED-style presentations for entrepreneurs, and focused on MIT's Sustainability Track). 
Notably while at MIT, Mr Caspary has become interested in entrepreneurship / startups mostly in the energy and sustainability field. He helped build a new pollution management practice within the World Bank (founded 2015, leading to several hundred millions $ in lending for relevant projects); and has acted as an anchor investor to a social housing startup in DC since 2013 that has now grown into a multi-million dollar business with several hundred properties under management.