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The German Marshall Fund for the United States
Job Title: 
Program Officer, Urban and Regional Policy

Emily Yates is a Program Officer in the Urban and Regional Policy program at the German Marshall Fund (GMF) in Washington, DC. She manages content and operations for three initiatives: the Strong Cities, Strong Communities Leadership Activities, Cities in Transition, and the Detroit/Torino Partnership. Building on a strong background working in both the public and private sector, Emily incorporates her wide-ranging knowledge of community revitalization, neighborhood planning, economic development, and public realm design into the development implementation of program content. Prior to joining GMF, Emily held a variety of positions in different countries that focused on the intersection of economic development, sustainable urban design, and community engagement. Most recently, Emily managed the City of Cleveland’s Transportation for Livable Communities initiative, with the goal of enhancing the economic vibrancy of existing communities and promoting healthier communities from an integrated transportation perspective. In her experience as a consultant, Emily created economic development strategies and investment manuals for cities in Ontario and British Columbia, Canada. Ms. Yates is the recipient of the Alexander von Humboldt German Chancellor Fellowship, which funded a year of research focused on German approaches to the implementation of sustainability policy and climate change adaptation in brownfield development. While in Hamburg, she helped craft innovative strategies and solutions that were integrated into regional planning policies to reduce the impact of climate change on the metropolitan area of Hamburg as part of the KLMZUG-Nord project. Ms. Yates holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Landscape Architecture from Arizona State University.