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Job Title: 
Director of North American Business Development

Richard is a renewable energy business development executive with over twelve years of experience working on energy issues both domestically and internationally. He began his energy career working in Ukraine as a Peace Corps Volunteer and Armenia as a Visiting Faculty Fellow where his work focused on energy efficiency projects and increasing awareness of renewable energy opportunities. He is currently the Director of North American Business Development at Kenersys, a German wind turbine manufacturer. Kenersys is a global wind turbine manufacturing company with an in-depth knowledge in on-shore multi-megawatt wind turbines. His responsibilities include working with commercial, industrial and institutional sites to successfully build on-site wind energy projects. Richard previously spent four years as Director of North American Business Development Director for 3TIER, where he was responsible for new business development of wind, hydro, and solar services for North America. He also served as Sales Manager for EWT, a direct drive mid-size turbine manufacturer, where he was involved with a project in Kotzebue, Alasaka to install some of the largest turbines north of the Arctic Circle. Richard has a B.S. in Management and an M.S. in International Marketing both from St. Joseph's University.