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General Electric
Job Title: 
Key Account Manager

Mr. Tufts is the Key Account Manager for GE where he focuses on compression systems for natural gas infrastructure. Previously Mr. Tufts was a utility scale wind energy developer for RES Americas.  The firm developed/constructed 6,000 MW of wind energy in North America (roughly 3,000 wind turbines or 10% of the market).  His responsibilities included managing renewable energy projects from conception to completion including site selection, project financing, power plant design, resource assessment, permitting approval and transmission access.  He oversaw four sites in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado.  Following a three‐year career in the NFL, he started a land services company specializing in executing leases in the Rocky Mountain West.  His career path has included: MBA (Energy and Finance) from the University of Colorado, Boulder; a feature in Forbes Magazine’s inaugural “30 Under 30” list; and inclusion in Mitt Romney’s Colorado Energy Advisory Committee. The ELEEP Network represents a revolutionary “Best Practices” network critical to the more efficient use of our natural resources.