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ELEEP Virtual Discussion with David Freed (8 Rivers Capital) on NET Power

This ELEEP Virtual Discussion took place on July 12, 2016 with an excellent speaker working on one of the most high profile CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage) technologies currently being piloted in the US - NET Power. David Freed works on energy innovation and commercialization for 8 Rivers Capital, a Durham, NC based company focused on commercializing industrial scale technology. David was one of the earliest employees and continues to serve as project manager for NET Power, a clean power generation technology that is in the process of constructing a 50MWt demonstration plant with Toshiba, CB&I and Exelon. The eventual technology will capture 100% of all emissions including CO2, does not need water and compete economically with best in class technologies that do not capture emissions. David also works with and is currently deploying several pilot water technologies in treatment for municipal, agricultural and industrial end-users.

Facing transatlantic challenges with Southwest solutions

Lessons from state-level policy-making in the US Southwest for the transatlantic community

by Agata Hinc, Managing Director, demosEUROPA – Centre for European Strategy

Smart Ideas in Energy and Water from the Southwest US

Smart Ideas in Energy and Water from the Southwest US: Technologies that improve energy and water management and their economic benefits

By: Erum Azeez Khan