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ELEEP Policy Recommendations for Urban Development and Transportation

Building off a previous ELEEP tour to Stuttgart and Paris in October 2012, a group of ELEEP Members traveled to the Pacific Northwest of the United States to find out how communities use planning, policies, investments, and other measures to establish low-carbon, sustainable transportation systems. They visited Porland and Salem, Oregon and Seattle, Washington from 27 to 31 January 2014.

Improving quality of life through urban growth boundaries, 20-minute neighbourhoods, and public transportation in Oregon

ELEEP member Edvard Glücksman reports on ELEEPs study tour to the US Pacific Northwest and specifically on Oregon’s leading role in urban growth. The environmental threats that Urban Sprawl causes are detrimental to natural habitats and pose a need for action.

Linking Transit and Urban Development: ELEEP’s Portland-Seattle Study Tour

Politicians, businesses, and citizens in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington are creating transportation systems that build and connect communities and encourage economic development.