The Emerging Leaders in Environmental and Energy Policy Network

August 22, 2017

Episodes 5-8 of the ELEEP network podcast present insights from a conference organized by the Atlantic Council and Ecologic Institute, which took place June 21-22 in Washington DC. Under the heading “Tipping Points: Finding the Energy-Climate Balance,” the conference brought together decision-makers, civil society, business leaders and scholars to reflect on the nexus of energy and climate policy in the United States, Europe and the international arena. The conference agenda cov-ered a range of different topics and included talks by some of the brightest minds in the field. For more on the conference, click here.

Episode 5 features a keynote by clean energy entrepreneur Jigar Shah, president and co-founder of Generate Capital. He is also co-host of the popular podcast Energy Gang, which investigates the technological, political and market forces that drive energy decisions and environmental issues. In his talk, Jigar Shah speaks about the limits of the prevailing “rules-based” policy approach in the United States that was put in place after World War II and proposes that to curb climate change a new framework is needed — one that forces entrepreneurs, innovators, policy-makers and business leaders out of their silos to begin working together. He argues that the Paris Agreement is a start, but a foundation from which to build from.

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