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September 12, 2017

Episodes 5-8 of the ELEEP network podcast present insights from a conference organized by the Atlantic Council and Ecologic Institute, which took place June 21-22 in Washington DC. Under the heading “Tipping Points: Finding the Energy-Climate Balance,” the conference brought together deci-sion-makers, civil society, business leaders and scholars to reflect on the nexus of energy and cli-mate policy in the United States, Europe and the international arena. The conference agenda cov-ered a range of different topics and included talks by some of the brightest minds in the field.

This episode features a panel discussion on the future of the Paris Climate Agreement. What are the next steps in implementation? What challenges may arise now that the current US administration has decided to leave the agreement? Does this represent a roadblock or may it have a galvanizing effect, raising the ambition of other countries and subnational actors within the US?

The conference panel included Dr. Jennifer Turner, Director of the China Environment Forum at the Wilson Center; Matthias Duwe, Head of Climate at Ecologic Institute; and David Livingston, Associ-ate Fellow at the Energy and Climate Program of the Carnegie Endowment for international Peace. The panel was moderated by former ambassador, Richard Morningstar, founding director of the Global Energy Center at the Atlantic Council.

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